Living in a Wheelchair

Whether you have had something happen where you all of the sudden found your whole life turned up side down because you are going to be in a wheel chair whether it is for a few months or for the rest of your life, we are going to talk about things that will make it easier.

1) Getting around.

Your arms are going to be sore at first from pulling all of your body weight around, do not worry, this gets better as time goes on.

In fact, the more you do it, the easier it will be and pretty soon you will be popping wheelies and making turns on one wheel, but for now, take it slow and ensure that you are not over doing your body.

2) Routine

It is more than understandable to go through a depression if this is something that has just happened to you, trying to ensure that you will keep a routine and continue doing the things that need to be done will make the whole process easier.

Make sure if you live in a two story house, that you either have a lift on the side to get you to the second floor, where you have another wheel chair just for the top floor, or move into a house that is ranch style so, you do not have to worry about the stairs.

If you have a porch, make sure that you get a handicap slope to make going in and out of the house a much simpler process.

When it comes to driving, yes, this is something that you will still be able to do, depending on the severity of your situation, but they have cars that only require the use of your hands to control everything.

3) Make sure that you do not get bored.

This is the biggest thing that happens when a bad omen is cast over people’s lives, they get stuck in a downwards slump and have a hard time getting out of it.

To ensure that this is not going to be you, your best bet is to find things inside that will occupy your time like knitting, puzzles, video games, work from home jobs, painting, writing, anything that will eat away your time.

4) Handling big crowds.

If you find that you really want to go do something, but no one else is around to go with you, do not let it stop you from going.

Almost every major event has police or security around everywhere, make sure when you get there you find one and they will tell you what the safest route for you to get around the event in a manner where you will not have to deal with other people.

It is the same route they take on their bikes or golf carts to ensure that they will be able to get to an emergency without fighting the mass of bodies.

Everything new takes some time to get used to, this is something that you will just have to give it time, no, your life is not over and yes, everything will be okay.